About Nari design

Nari design is an independent creative studio headed by Claudio Narisoni, a creative designer based in Nairobi.

Nari design provides a personal and professional service to companies as well as to communications agencies. Providing logos, business stationery, web design, graphic design, UI, and client design consultation. Claudio works closely with all of his clients to create branding solutions with high attention to details. This ensures that every client receives a bespoke visual identity that exceeds their expectations.


If you would like more information please contact Claudio or for an online quote please visit the quote page.

Claudio was a pleasant, well-prepared, eager to work collegue to work with, that has not only full-filled his work-task entirely, but of whom all other collegues, including myself, have learned a lot from.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jan Puylaert
WET design

Other recommendations from LinkedIn

I really appreciate to work with Claudio, he is creative and organized. Working with him was a great experience for my business and for the exceptional humanity that he shared with me.
I truly recommended him for his stunning Art Director quality. Claudio his the right choice for everyone looking for corporate identity needs.

Vittore Buzzi
Professional photographer
Vittore Buzzi


I have been working with Claudio Narisoni for many years, in some very important projects of corporate identity’s linguistic style. Claudio contributed with his personal style and sensibility to the visual components (i.e. templates of web sites and documents). Claudio is a perfect partner, as he has a wide cultural competence: he understands deeply and quickly the whole project and finds the way to be, in the same time, effective and original. My clients have always been satisfaied more then they expected by Claudio’s work, that has never been evaluated demanding.
More, Claudio is a nice person. Dealing with him, it is an easy, pleasant and rich experience.

Giovanni Acerboni
L’ink scrittura professionale
Professor at Università degli Studi di Milano


Claudio is a brilliant creative designer, precise and very professional; he worked quite a long time in my company and helped to reach high quality standards to our web sites projects.

Roberto Silva Coronel
Owner and Managing Director
Marketing Multimedia